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Incredibly hard and durable, bamboo exceeds the hardness ranking of many traditional hardwood flooring materials used around Sydney. This is an ideal material to use in high traffic areas, as the natural durability of the wood combined with layers coating means the wood remains undamaged even under the heaviest use. Whether you need flooring for a dance studio or a living room, natural bamboo is both a functional and attractive design solution.


Our stylish suite of designer colours include distinctive stunning Scandinavian blonde hues, earthy browns, vivid white, and modern shades of grey to chic espresso. The colours and finishes have been carefully chosen by our design team to enhance the natural beauty of the timber and create a contemporary looking space. Our bamboo hardwood floors also come in a range of widths to accommodate the design brief of almost any Sydney home or business.


Perhaps the greatest advantage bamboo floors have over traditional hardwood floors is that it is an ecologically sustainable material. Bamboo allows you to experience the timeless sophistication of hardwood floors in your Sydney home without the lasting environmental damage. This is because the plant is a quick growing timber which requires around 3-5 years to reach maturity compared to hardwoods which take anywhere between 20- 120 years to mature. The plant is also pest resistant, and does not need a great deal of water or nutrients. To top it all off, bamboo is much more efficient at absorbing carbon than a hardwood forest. Our manufacturing process is also environmentally sustainable. We use nontoxic glues and manufacturing techniques, our coatings are water based and contain no VOCs so won’t damage the environment.

Hardwood Bamboo Floors Sydney

Bamboo is a truly modern hardwood flooring material. Versatile, sleek and environmentally sustainable, bamboo flooring possesses all of the main qualities that designers and architects look for when designing a modern Sydney home.

If you would like any more information on our range of hardwood bamboo floors available in the Sydney area, please don’t hesitate to contact us.