About Us

Eco Flooring Systems is the leading specialist of bamboo flooring in Australia.  We are the exclusive importer of BT Bamboo® in Australia.  Operating since 1996, we have an 18 year track record and a portfolio of multi award winning installations that we are extremely proud of.  When it comes to bamboo supplied by Eco Flooring Systems you can have confidence knowing that you can rely on us as sustainable suppliers, providing sustainable products from a sustainable environment for your long term wellbeing. 

As your bamboo flooring specialist, we have a broad range of flooring products suitable for your internal use in residential or commercial spaces.  Residential flooring applications include bedrooms, lounge, dining, kitchen, hallways and stairs.  Commercial applications include reception and conference rooms of office areas, shops and walkways of retail areas, and restaurant and hotel lobbies of hospitality sites.   

BT Bamboo® classic flooring is a premium quality, solid bamboo T&G flooring system for direct stick floors. It has a distinctive bamboo appearance. BT Bamboo® strandwoven flooring is solid strandwoven bamboo with superior floating floor locking systems for glueless installations, or T&G profiles for direct stick installations. This range is extremely hard and looks more akin to timber. Engineered 190mm wideboard bamboo options are also available.   

BT Bamboo® has stood the test of time in many noteworthy high traffic installations, therefore it is repeatedly specified by Australia’s highest profile architects.  Our prestigious bamboo flooring portfolio includes Orlando Jacob's Creek Wine Centre, historic Hunter st, Ravenswood School for Girls, Port Douglas Mirage Resort, St Barnabas Church, Hunter St, Pandora, Ripcurl, Lend Lease, Lush, Citi Bank, BMW, Lend Lease, RMIT, Xanadu, Bloch, Todae, David Jones, Bottle Klein, Tektum, Box Hill TAFE and Department of Environment and Primary Industries.   

Our stylish suite of designer colours include distinctive stunning Scandinavian blonde hues, earthy browns, vivid white, and modern shades of grey to chic espresso.  The colours and finishes have been carefully chosen by our design team to enhance the natural beauty of the bamboo and create a contemporary looking space. 

Choose Eco Flooring Systems BT Bamboo®, an Australian trusted brand of bamboo, for a stylish addition to your interior for many years to come.  To explore our complete flooring range, simply contact our head office for your closest dealer.

Truly Eco-Friendly Flooring - We Are About the Environment

  • BT Bamboo boards only use bamboos from controlled bamboo forests that are sustained.
  • Concern for human rights and health and safety of the workers.
  • Choice of non toxic glues used in production – low emissions,
  • Coatings used – water based with no VOCs, no formaldehyde, no heavy metals, no insecticides, pesticides and herbicides.
  • Non toxic waste free manufacturing meets stringent international eco standards (ISO 14000 and CE).
  • Reliability of Eco Flooring Systems as a Supplier

    • Reputable, leading bamboo specialist for 18 years.
    • History in industry choosing only the best quality bamboo flooring available.
    • In-depth knowledge of bamboo flooring.
    • Verify our claims and inform our customers.
    • Stand by our warranty.

Stringent Quality Control

  • Manufactured to the highest standard suited to Australian conditions.
  • Direct contact with representation in China to ensure QC standards adhered to.
  • Use of eco friendly glues and coatings used verified.
  • QC checks on bamboo density, weight, colour consistency, moisture content, machining tolerance to ensure unrivaled consistent best quality that will stand up over time.

Superior Looking Product

  • Uniform colour.
  • Looks more like timber due to density with no mold/green bamboo.
  • Genuine Välinge patented locking systems with waxed edges for easy, tight installations.
  • Natural looking tough coatings, not plastic look or feel.

Eco Flooring Environmental Policy

Eco Flooring Systems recognises its responsibility to the environment and we make a commitment by only supplying environmentally friendly products as part of our product portfolio.

  • Only truly environmentally friendly products
  • Sustainable supply
  • Non toxic manufacturing
  • Adhesives and coatings all environmentally friendly
  • Recyclable packing
  • Pandas not affected

Bamboo is an environmentally friendly, renewable resource that has been used as construction material for thousands of years. Ecologically, the harvesting of bamboo does not affect the world’s already dwindling timber resources. Technically considered a grass, bamboo has the ability to grow to maturity in 4-6 years. The intricate root system remains unharmed upon harvesting and allows for sustainable future growth.

While hardwoods take decades to achieve maturity, bamboo grows back to its original size within a few months. Once cut, other hardwoods are lifeless. Whereas after bamboo is cut, it is able to grow again and again.

Only mature Chinese Mao bamboo is used for our flooring. The bamboo poles are selected and harvested from bamboo forests carefully monitored by the Chinese Department of Forestry. This ensures the bamboo forests are able to self-regenerate and maintain a natural ecosystem for future harvesting.

Our suppliers are environmentally accredited ensuring a non-toxic and waste free manufacturing process. All the glues used to laminate the boards and the coatings meet international environmental standards – ISO 14000 and E0. The coatings are water based and are free of halogenated hydrocarbons, heavy metals, herbicides, insecticides, pesticides, formaldehyde and any harmful emission complying with international standards. All packaging is all reusable and environmentally sound using recycled materials.

Eco Flooring Systems BT Bamboo Stars in 6 Star Green Rated Building <more>